Google Forms
+ Quizalize take your class quizzes to a new level

Turn boring Google Forms into fun games, with richer quiz questions and brilliant data, free

Say goodbye to boring leaderboards!

While students answer questions on their laptops or tablets, you display a rich and engaging team game view on the screen at the front of the class. You can now play your Google Forms quizzes as any of our brand new epic whole class quiz games: Goalzz, Kleo the Koala, Battlerzz, Rockzz, Hoopzz... and more

New question types and rich equations

Our quiz editor is much easier to use than Google Forms. As well as having a powerful equation editor built in, you can also add new question types such as scrambled letters, bucketing and linking questions. It's easy to add audio to questions too, which is great for language learning quizzes

Real-time reports and rich mastery data

Track student progress over time against your standard or curriculum. Import a Google Form and quickly tag each question to a skill in our easy to use quiz editor. Then assign the quiz to your class and watch your Mastery Dashboards fill up with the data you need to effortlessly spot each student's learning gaps.

Share your quizzes more easily with friends and the world

Once your Google Forms quizzes are imported, just share your profile page URL with your colleagues so they can use your quizzes with their students too. Other teachers can also search your quizzes, especially if you tag your questions to a skill in a standard or curriculum

Sync Quizalize with Google Classroom

Quizalize and Google Classroom work effortlessly together.