Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a quiz

Do I have to register to preview a quiz?

No, you don’t have to register to preview a quiz. You can browse the marketplace, click on the quiz of your choice and select 'preview'. However, if you want to create a quiz or play a class game, you will need to register. ​

Do I have to register to create a quiz?

Yes. This is so that you can find your quiz again once you have created it. Registering is very simple - you just need your email address and a password. Once you are logged in, you can create a quiz by clicking the “+ New Quiz” button on your profile page. ​

How do I make my own quiz?

You can click on "Create a quiz" on the welcome screen or on "+New Quiz" on your profile page. ​

How do I save a quiz?

To save a quiz, you need to click the “Save” button. You can find all of your finished quizzes listed on Your Profile page. ​

Where can I find the quizzes I’ve made?

All of the quizzes you have created can be found in the “Your Profile” tab. ​

Do I have to create a quiz to assign it to a class?

You don’t have to create a quiz, you could also get one from the marketplace and modify it to suit your needs, or you can use it as is. ​

How do I assign a quiz to a class?

Click 'play in class' on a quiz in your profile or a quiz on the marketplace. ​

Can I set an assignment for a specific date?

We’re currently working on the Zzish Homework feature will allow you to do so once it is launched very soon. ​

Can I put my quizzes into folders to organise them?

Yes, you can create collections of your quizzes by selecting the tab 'your collections' at the top of the page. You then click +Make a collection. This will allow you to select the quizzes you wish to collate into this folder/collection. ​

Can I use images in a quiz?

Quizalize supports uploading your own images for each question. Just click on Use Images and then Upload a Picture. ​

Does Quizalize support math equations?

It does! Our math mode can be enabled when you create a quiz and click yes on the math mode button. See our blog for more information on how you can use math mode.

What question formats does Quizalize support?

Quizalize supports multiple choice (between 2 and 4 answer choices) and scrambled letter questions. See our blog for more information on the different types of question formats.

Can I copy questions from one quiz to another?

At the moment, you can share the quiz with yourself to add another copy of the same quiz. We’re planning on adding easy duplication functionality very soon. ​

Can I export questions?

We do not currently support exporting questions to Excel. It is on our list of features to eventually add. ​

Can I have more than one correct answer?

At the moment Quizalize supports only one correct answer. If you’d like this implemented then simply message us on Quizalize to request this feature. ​

Can I ask free-text questions?

Quizalize only allows short free text answers. To implement this feature simple add the text below into the correct answer field when you create your quiz. freetext://correctanswer ​

Can I import/upload questions and answers?

Quizalize does not support importing questions. If you’d like us to implement it simply open the chat in Quizalize and let us know! ​

How do I share my quiz?

You can share your quiz by clicking on the share button and entering the emails with which you wish to share the quiz with, separated by commas. ​

Can I randomize the order of the questions in my quiz?

Yes! Simply click play in class, scroll down and click 'on' for the randomize question order option. ​

What ages/grades/years will this work with?

Quizalize is used by students of all ages, from elementary/primary school all the way up to college and university level. ​

Where can I find my quizzes?

You can find all your quizzes in your profile. ​

How can I add a class?

Simply click 'play in class' and create a new class or use an existing class ​

How can I preview a quiz?

Simple click 'preview'. ​

What kind of questions are there?

We currently have scrambled questions and multiple choice questions. ​

Can I change the length of time my students have to answer a question?

Yes, you can change the length of time using the settings on the left of the page when you are creating a new quiz. ​

How do you enter math equations?

When you are creating a new quiz, simply use the button the left stating 'math mode' and click yes. ​

Can I turn the timer off?

Yes, simple click 'play in class' and you will see 'adjust settings' button towards the bottom. You can turn off the 'use timer' button ​

Is it possible to reorder questions?

Yes, you can reorder questions for students view by clicking 'play in class' and you will see 'adjust settings' button towards the bottom. You can turn on the 'randomise question order' button. ​

Can I have a question go over multiple lines?

Yes, to enter a new line simply press CTRL and ENTER together. ​

How do I create a scrambled letter question?

Simply type your question and the correct answer but leave the incorrect answer boxes blank. ​

How do I duplicate a quiz?

We are currently working on this feature but for now you can do this by sharing the quiz with yourself and changing the name. You will then have two versions of the same quiz. ​

Playing a quiz in class

How do I assign a quiz as "homework" for a class?

If you are in your profile then simply click 'more options' and set the quiz as homework. If you are using a quiz from the marketplace, then simply click on the quiz and select 'set as homework' ​

Do you need an app to use Quizalize in class?

Quizalize works on any device which has a browser: tablets, smartphones, computers. ​

Do I need a Zzish account to use Quizalize?

No. ​

Which devices does Quizalize work on?

Quizalize works on any device with a browser and an internet connection: tablets, smartphones, computers. ​

Does Quizalize work on iPhones?

Yes! ​

Does Quizalize work on Android?

Yes! ​

Which browsers does Quizalize support?

Quizalize works on all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 10 and up. Versions of Internet Explorer older than 10 will have issues. ​

Can you use this on a smartboard?

Yes you can use it on any smartboard. ​

Is there a way students can take a quiz and not have the team game view?

Yes, once you have assigned a quiz to your class, your students can use the class code and complete the quiz at any time. You can review the results by going to 'your class' and clicking 'open game'. Then simply click the arrow at the bottom of the leaderboard to view students results. ​

Is it hard for students to sign up and play a quiz?

Students don’t have to sign up to play a quiz. All they have to do is navigate to and enter their name and class code. However, to track their progress over time they have to sign up to a Zzish account. Simply message us on Quizalize to find out how you can do this! ​

How can my students access my quizzes?

You can set any quiz to any class and receive a unique class code. The students can then go to and input the class code and their name to access the quiz. ​

What is a class code?

A class code is a randomly generated identifier created when you first set a quiz to a class. The same class will have the same class code. Students using the class code will be able to access every single quiz you have assigned to that class. ​

How do I assign quizzes to students or classes?

Once you have completed a quiz, you can click the ‘Play in class' button to assign the quiz to one of your classes. Once you have entered your class’s name you will be given a unique class code which your students can use to access the quiz on

Where can I find the quizzes I’ve assigned to my students?

Quizzes you have assigned are found under the “Your Classes” tab in the top right corner. This page will list all your classes and all the quizzes assigned to each class. ​

Do the students need to log in to play a quiz?

Students don’t have to sign up to play a quiz. All they have to do is navigate to and enter their name and class code. However, to track their progress over time they have to sign up to a Zzish account. You can also generate Zzish login details for students who have already played a quiz on the Learning Hub. Simply message us on Quizalize to find out how you can do this! ​

Do I need to add students individually to my classes?

Students don’t have to sign up to play a quiz. All they have to do is navigate to and enter their name and class code. However, to track their progress over time they have to sign up to a Zzish account. You can also generate Zzish login details for students who have already played a quiz on the Learning Hub. Simply message us on Quizalize to find out how you can do this! ​

How do you make a student accounts?

Either students can create accounts or teachers can create the accounts for their students. Students can create accounts by visiting, clicking 'login with Zzish' and then selecting the 'sign up' option. ​ Teachers can create accounts for their students after they have played their first quiz. During the first quiz your students would have entered their names and this is all the information we require to create accounts for them. Simply go to 'your classes' in Quizalize and click 'open your class Zzish dashboard'. This will take you to a new dashboard which you don't require so click 'close dashboard'. You will see all your classes now and simply select 'view class' for the class which students you wish to create logins for. You will see a list of your student names and simply click 'generate Zzish details'. You can now distribute these logins to your students! ​

How can I change my class code?

You cannot change class codes as they are created automatically and are unique to each class. ​

Where can I find my class codes again?

You can view your class code by clicking 'your classes' tab in Quizalize. ​

Can my students resume a quiz?

Once students have started a quiz they cannot close it and return to it to complete it at a later time. ​

How can I randomise the question order?

Simply click 'play in class' for any of your quizzes, then scroll down and click the 'adjust settings' button. Click 'Yes' for randomise question order. ​

How can I change the order of the answers?

The answer order is automatically randomised for each player.

The Teacher Dashboard

Where can I find my student’s results?

You can access the teacher dashboard for each class by clicking “Your Classes” tab at the top. Then, just click the button labeled “Open game” for the class results you wish to see. ​

What is the difference between “Quick Play” and “Log in with Zzish”?

​ Quick Play. When a student logs in by entering a name and class code, the student is treated as a temporary user. The student will show up in your teacher dashboard, but the student data will be not be compared over time to show progress. Quick play is useful as students don’t need to remember usernames or passwords. ​ Log in with Zzish. If you want to record student data over time, then your students need a student Zzish account. This is so that we know the student is the same student each time they use Quizalize. It’s easy to create student Zzish accounts. Students who have email addresses can simply go to and create a student Zzish account by entering their email address and choosing a password. If your students don’t have email addresses you can create a username and password for each of them quickly using the teacher dashboard in the Zzish Learning Hub. Simply message us on Quizalize to find out how you can do this! ​

Can I export Quizalize results to my school’s LMS?

It might be possible to export results to your school’s LMS, but it has to be done for each particular LMS. Contact us via our chat box in Quizalize and we’ll let you know if we can do it for you. ​

How do I see my students’ results after they’ve finished a quiz?

Students will see a breakdown of their results at the end of the quiz. ​

Can I print out a teacher’s version of the quiz with answers?

Yes simply go to 'your profile' and edit the quiz you wish to print. Now click file and print and you will see the image displayed will be your questions and correct answers. ​

How can I access reports?

You can access your students results and progress by selecting 'your classes' tab at the top and 'open game' for the class you wish to see results for. This will take you to the team game and at the bottom of this page you will see an arrow. Select this arrow and you will now be able to see all your students results and progress. ​

Can you tell if your class got mostly a question wrong?

Yes, once you click on the arrow at the bottom of the team game you will view your class results. You can then view the whole class results for 'Which questions were hardest?'. ​

The Quizalize marketplace

How can I publish my quiz to the marketplace?

View your quizzes in 'your profile' and select 'make public' for any of the quizzes you wish to publish. You will then be able to choose a price if you wish to put a price on your quiz. ​

Can I sell my quiz for money?

Yes! You will receive 70% of the sale price and at the end of the working month. ​

How does quizalize handle payments?

We will transfer any money you have made due to the sale of your quizzes into your account via bank transfer at the end of the month. ​

Can I edit a quiz from the marketplace?

Yes, you simply select 'save for later' and this will save the quiz to your profile. Once it is saved in your profile you will be able to edit the quiz. ​

Managing your account

How do I sign up to Quizalize?

To sign up to Quizalize all you need is a valid email and a password ( ​

How do I sign up with Google Classroom?

When you are on the Quizalize sign up page simply click the purple button at the bottom of the page with the google logo. ​

How do I input my classes from Google Classroom?

Once you sign up with your google classroom login on Quizalize, we create classes with the same class code. Then students can log into the player by going to and entering the same google classroom class code. ​

How do I reset my password?

Enter you email here, and we will send you a password reset link. ​

Is Quizalize free?

Quizalize is free for individual teachers. If you require a quote for a whole school package then please contact one of our team on ​

Is Quizalize free to use?

Yes. The basic functionality of Quizalize is free for everyone. You can create your own quizzes and play them in class. We have a premium membership which allows you to do more but it is not necessary to use Quizalize. ​

What is a schools package?

Our schools package can be purchased if you would every teacher in your school to have access to Quizalize. To enquire about a schools package simply email the team on We’re friendly! Promise! ​

How do I customize my profile?

You can click on your name in the right corner and then on settings. Here you can set your name, your school, your profile banner and your profile picture. ​

How do I create logins for more than one teacher?

Contact us on, and we’ll be happy to help. ​

How do I delete my Quizalize account?

Hey! We’re so sorry you want to leave us. We’ll miss you. If you’d still like to delete your account and make us very sad, you can contact us on ​

Advanced features of Quizalize

What is the Zzish Learning Hub?

​ The Zzish Learning Hub is a universal dashboard for education applications and can be accessed by going to The Learning Hub lets teachers and students collect data from many different applications in one central place and provides a single consistent dashboard for all the applications they use. The Zzish Learning Hub also provides a universal login for education applications, similar to a Facebook login. Students and teachers can log into different learning applications using the same login credentials. At present only a few applications plug into the Learning Hub, but our goal is to have every education application plugged in in due course ​

How do I make an collection of quizzes?

Once you select 'Your collections' you will see a plus symbol that states 'make a collection'. Once you click this you will see various options to customise your collection and select the quizzes you wish to have in your collections. ​ ​


Do you have any professional development material?

Yes, please download our slides by simply visiting our blog. ​

Should I post about Quizalize on my blog?

Yes! We’d love it. Let us know if you do and we will promote your blog on our highly popular social media channels. ​

How is this better than Kahoot?

How is this better than Quizlet?

How do I know if the website will work in my school?

To use Quizalize in your school please make sure the IT department unblocks the following websites: