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Delivers game-changing results

Save time by instantly identify student learning gaps
Quickly obtain data on student performance
Improve student engagement
8% reduction in the achievement gap*

Mooresville Middle School found that the achievement gap in quarterly test scores for students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds reduced 8% from 33.4% to 25.4% in Grade 7 Science.

Conduct targeted instruction for students with shared strengths and weaknesses
Have data-based discussions with students on their progress and learning
8-10% improvement in end-of-year test scores*
25% improvement in exam pass rates*

Round Rock ISD found that students in classes using Quizalize for Middle School Science scored 8-10% higher in end-of-year state standardized tests.

Bournemouth and Poole College found student pass marks increased 25% for their Applied Plumbing course.

Hundreds of curriculum-tagged resources ready for your class

From official past papers to teacher-created resources, our quizzes are curriculum-tagged so you can efficiently track mastery data from every question ever answered. We support official curriculum in the UK and around the world.

Get instant data on student mastery

Get instant data on each student’s progress through skills and track their mastery of standards over time with our Mastery Dashboards. Maximize the effectiveness of your teaching by assigning targeted activities to groups of students with shared learning gaps and supporting students who are falling behind.

Automatically differentiate follow-up activities

Automatically assign different resources to students depending on their quiz score, e.g. an explanatory video for those who score less than 50%, a scaffolded worksheet for 50% to 80%, and an extension activity for over 80%. Make the most of the teacher-approved resources shared by other members of the community to help students progress.

What teachers say about Quizalize

Students love games and this makes studying fun and challenging. They are more willing to study.
Teacher Kimberly Moody
I love the connection to Quizlet and that it connects directly to Google Classroom. It has saved me time and allowed for different types of review options for my students on a weekly basis.
Teacher Señora Mushitz
I absolutely love the standards alignment and follow-up activities that are available. I also love how it clearly tells me which students need help and which students are at mastery.
Teacher Jessica Bethea
I love that it's easy to use, make my quizzes and give to the students. What I love best is that it grades for me and I don't have to!!!
Teacher Cheryl Morton

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