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Epic whole class quiz games, smart quizzes with built in personalisation, and instant mastery data that helps you address learning loss in every student.

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+ Can export to Google Forms+ Creates a question bank for any topic+ Keeps you in control. Handpick the best questions

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We've digitised years of released Common Core tests so that you can effortlessly identify learning gaps in all your students.

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25% improvement in exam pass rates ▾

Bournemouth and Poole College found student pass marks increased by 25% for their Applied Plumbing course.

12% reduction in attainment gap ▾

Mooresville Middle School found that the achievement gap in quarterly test scores for students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds reduced from 33.4% to 25.4% in Grade 7 Science.

8% improvement in test scores ▾

Round Rock ISD found that students in classes using Quizalize for Middle School Science scored 8-10% higher in end-of-year state standardized tests.

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1Make a smart quiz in moments


Create a standards aligned Smart Quiz in seconds with our AI quiz creator. Effortlessly add hints and explanations to give each student personalized feedback.


2Assign as an epic game


Assign your Smart Quiz as an epic whole class quiz game. Try our Hoopzz basketball game for students who love sports or Blockerzz 3D block world game for students who like to explore.


3Instantly pinpoint student learning gaps.


Create dynamic groups and give each student the right follow up activity to help them master each skill.


New Quizalize Games

solo & team
2 to 10
playing live
up to 100
The Adventures of Kleo the Koala
First to the flag

Save time and connect Quizalize to great third-party tools

You can import your quizzes from Google Forms or Quizlet and manage your Quizalize class using Google Classroom. You can also ask ChatGPT to help you create new quizzes.

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Quizalize is the best tool out there for student data and differentiation

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Get instant data on student mastery

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Automatically differentiate follow-up activities

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Let Quizalize take the strain on your next Professional Development day

From pitch decks and infographics to exclusive videos and certifications, we have everything you need to support your Professional Development day.

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Don't just take our word for it

"It took me less than 3 minutes to convert a boring Google Quiz into a fun and engaging Quizalize Quiz for my 5th-grade class. The kids' response was - Can we do all our tests like this? I'm really liking the easy and useful tool!"

Teacher Karen Z.


"It gives my special education resource kiddos a chance to remediate area of weakness. It also gives me a snapshot of what they know and what they are having difficulty with."

Teacher Chasity C.


"I love all of the information about student performance I get as a teacher. It helps me to quickly identify stronger students and weaker students, as well as concepts at the class level that students struggle with. Thank you so much for providing such a useful platform for teachers to use to engage our students and measure their performance!!"

Teacher Aaron H.


"We used Quizalize for the first time today, and our kids are OBSESSED! Students were engaged in high-quality review, while playing alongside and against one another. We had a blast!!"

Teacher Kellie P.


Discover how US schools are leveraging ESSER funds to purchase Quizalize

To support your grant and funding application, get your free Quizalize ESSER Funding Guide today!

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